martedì 19 gennaio 2016

Made with My Guitar Fonts - Goodchord cycle 3 triads

For those into Mick Goodrick "Chord cycles" here is a document with (almost) all the triads available in a "cycle 3" C major scale. The transition happens by moving only one note from chord to chord.
The root of the chord moves diatonically one step backwards.
If the cycle is followed in the opposite direction it becomes a "Cycle 6". The fifth of the chord moves diatonically forward one step

E.g. C Major scale triads

Cycle 2: C Dm Em F G Am B° C

Cycle 3: C Em G B° Dm F Am C

Cycle 4: C F B° Em Am Dm G C
Cycle 5: C G Dm Am Em B° F C

Cycle 6: C Am F Dm B° G Em C

Cycle 7: C B° Am G F Em Dm C

Here's the link to the document
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